Remediation Solutions

For sites where contamination is found at levels that represent an unacceptable risk of harm to the health of humans and/or the environment, remedial works are necessary to remove such risks and render the site suitable for its intended use.

At PBA, we provide our clients with a comprehensive review of the remedial options available to treat a given site and a clear proposal of the most practicable and cost-effective alternative. Our high-level of technical expertise and vast experience in remediating industrial sites allows us to deliver well designed and tailor-made remediation strategies which can help to recuperate the commercial value lost as a result of contamination on brownfield land.

Our approach is to deliver sustainable remediation solutions on time and on budget whilst providing peace of mind to clients/stakeholders that the remediation objectives are being met.

  • Design of site-specific remediation strategies
  • Cost-benefit analysis of remedial options
  • Professional project management
  • Full-time supervision during implementation and verification stages
  • Independent verification services
  • Liaison with statutory regulators and project stakeholders
  • Environmental permitting and licence applications