Part IIA Environmental Protection Act

Since 2000, when it came into force, Part IIA EPA (1990, amended 2011) has been used as a tool to encourage stakeholders who own contaminated sites to redevelop, or remediate.

When coupled with the requirements of the environmental permitting, such as Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC), Planning and Due Diligence processes, the government hopes to regulate and remediate both existing and future contamination.

PBA have been facilitating the redevelopment of contaminated sites and helping our clients with the complexities of Part IIA since its inception.

In October 2011 the results of a consultation exercise carried out by DEFRA was released, which in addition to clarifying and updating the regulations, are set to provide consultants with greater tools which to approach sites with contaminated land. The changes to Part IIA came into force in April 2012.

These changes, which include distinguishing between ‘pollution’ and ‘significant pollution’ of controlled waters, as well as recognising natural background contamination are likely to shift the threshold at which remedial works are required.

PBA can provide any and all guidance on the legal requirements (under Part IIA) of owners of contaminated land.