Hydrological Surveys

PBA undertake a range of hydrological and hydrogeological surveys which study the natural and built environment. Studies can include:

Hydrological surveys involving the mapping of drainage channels, fleets, reens and other watercourses to allow the preparation of flood risk assessments for ecological planning gain and the creation of wetland nature reserves. Survey works can include flow data and water quality sampling, analysis and interpretation.

Water quality surveys are carried out to determine the chemical and ecological quality of surface water to assess historic and current impact from industrial and agricultural sites. Recommendations can then be provided to improve or manage water quality to remove third party risks and particularly to remove the potential for Part IIA notification.

Hydrogeological Surveys are carried out to determine groundwater levels, chemical quality and hydraulic characteristics. Groundwater modelling packages can then be prepared using P20, Consim and degradation modelling, to allow comprehensiveĀ environmental risk modelling.