Environmental & Legislative Guidelines

PBA can guide you through the legislation applicable to your site/development, and through discussion with the regulators can ensure that all environmental, legal and financial liabilities are met.

The UK Government approach to the management of contaminated land is to recognise that dealing with contaminative legacy, and prevention of new contamination are both necessary in order to prevent harm to the public and the environment.

In dealing with ‘new’ contamination, the goal is to prevent deterioration in environmental resources, and to protect the public from contamination.

This approach is implemented by a raft of regulations, such as:

These regulations emphasise that a deterioration of soil, water or air quality is unacceptable with regard to any industrial process, and that waste should be efficiently and safely disposed of.

Within the UK, however, there remains a long (largely unregulated) industrial history. Clearly the ‘leave a site how you find it’ approach employed by permitting is inadequate to deal with extant contamination, some of which may represent an unacceptable risk to human health or controlled waters.

The Governmental approach to this problem is one of site, and user specific risk management, which is largely implemented as part of the planning process. Where a clear risk to the environment already exists, Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act(1990, amended 2011) sets out assessment and remedial requirements.