Ecological Surveys

Ecological issues can have a significant impact upon development design and programming. PBA have experience in the management of ecological studies, advising on optimum timing of surveys, the implication of the findings and how they may have an effect on development design.

PBA were originally formed to provide design advice in the development of wetland and other nature reserves for planning gain purposes. Principal among these was the development of 1000 acres of wetland created to provide compensation for habitat loss in Cardiff Bay following closure of the Barrage. The creation of nature reserves has provided PBA with a unique understanding of ecological issues and how they can impact upon development design.

PBA have close association with a number of ecologists who provide survey data in accordance with guidance provided by Natural England and others. PBA can instruct and manage that process and advise on the implications for planning submissions, development design and timescales, co-ordinating survey works with the planning and construction process to meet developers needs